About Ride For The Pink

Sandy Travis and Shining Hollywood – Photo by Phil Broda

Hi, I’m Sandy Travis, founder of Ride For The Pink, dedicated to building awareness and raising money for Breast Cancer Research.

I would like to introduce the newest member of the Ride For The Pink Family, my American Quarter Horse Association mare “Shining Hollywood”

“Ride For The Pink” is a dynamic performance that will help bring your event and audience together!  We offer inspiration, hope, fun, and excitement, and through personal contact, we help create the mood to “Give from the Heart”.

Although we specialize in rodeo/equestrian event openings, our one-of-a-kind, unique presentation can be molded to fit any event, big or small.  We have performed in national and regional equestrian arenas, to trail-rides and other charity events.

Top Time Jennie

Using the uplifting and inspiring song written and performed by Melissa Ethridge, “I Run For Life”, I begin my performance.  As the music and the message builds, so does the ride and you can literally feel your audience respond to the song’s message and the magical beauty of horse and rider in harmony.  The message contained in the song will be embraced by each member of your audience.  It is always humbling and I am so proud, that each time we perform this heartfelt opening, we are rewarded with standing ovations and even more gratifying, tears of joy from those who have been personally affected by this tragic disease, or who know of someone who has been affected.  Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness that might just save a life.





As the song continues and still on horseback, I will hand out pink items (such as carnations, bracelets or other items) to special honorees designated by your event staff.




As the song plays, I leave the arena only to return to officially open your event by bursting back into the arena and presenting the American Flag.  After circling the arena, I will post our Nation’s Flag, facing the audience, and remain posted until the National Anthem has been sung.





The possibilities for your event are many.  I can provide a CD that welcomes your guests, plays the opening music (as well as the National Anthem) or I can provide an “Announcer Script”, the music, and if needed, the National Anthem.

Additionally, the “Ride For The Pink” booth gives your guests and participants a place to become a part of the event by supporting your charity through the purchase of merchandise or by just giving a donation.  The booth may also be used as a place for photographs, autographs, a place to play games, or even enter a charity raffle.  Most importantly, the booth may simply be a place for hugs and for your guests to share their life experiences. Sometimes the most important thing to know is that this disease can be beat and with the support of others, it can be a little easier.





I hope this has given you a little insight into what we do.  If you would like additional information or if you have ideas of how to make this fit your event better, please do not hesitate to contact me at sandy@rideforthepink.com.  You can also find us on Facebook.

Always together “Riding for the Pink”.


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